Reverse Whois – a multipurpose search device

July 10th, 2011 | Tags: ,

Reverse Whois is a widely used service where people can get information about all related to a specific IP address. All domains related to the IP address of any particular website owner can be discovered by this effective registrant search option. For this, you need to type the piece of input you have on hand. It can be the domain name, an email address, or a phone number or any other identifying information. Clicking on the search button will get you all domain details associated with the IP address or the particular company. With this registrant search service, you are allowed to make a highly comprehensive wild card search. Major benefits or features with this search device are the following;

  • Environmental location of the IP address can be acquired
  • All details related to the domain owner such as registrant, admin, contact etc can be accessed
  • With reverse IP facility, you can list out all domain names hosted on a specific IP address

Different professionals and disciplines of individuals are using reserve Whois services for diversified purposes. Intellectual property protection is made possible with these services for brand agents, and they also employ reverse Whois to find out details about trademark infractions. Business owners are being benefited from registrant search as it helps to discover competition and to locate potential buyers for their business. Beneficial investment opportunities can also be identified by registrant search. Other popular users of reverse Whois is webmasters, who employ this service to make out new business.

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